1955 Buick Special
Model 41 - Four Door Tourback Sedan (84,182 produced)
V-8 264 Fireball "Nailhead" 4.3L Engine
Variable Pitch Dynaflow Automatic Transmission
Original non-power brakes and steering

Completed custom work:
Custom Dual Exhaust with glasspacks
Red and Grey custom interior
Shaved trunk

Upcoming custom work:
Flame Throwers
Buick Info:
buickstreet.com - Classic Buick showcase
v8buick.com - Great Buick message board
buicks.net - Good reference for Buick info
buickgod.com - Another good Buick reference

Buick Parts:
Oil Filter Adapter Enterprises - I got a great oil filter adapter from them.
Kanter Auto Products - Good inventory of parts. I picked up brake parts and engine/tranny mounts from them.
Cars, Inc. - Buick Parts - Another good inventory. My headlights came from them.
Mooneyes - Great place to pick up accessories
Classic Buicks - Another good source for parts.

countryclassiccars.com - This is the where I bought my Buick
Carsnet.net - The San Diego Auto Swap Meet
68cb350.loungespot.com - My 1968 CB350 Motorcycle
www.loungespot.com - The Loungespot, my main website

San Diego Auto Swap Meet - A day in the sun with friends, old cars, and a few beers
Beauty Shots - A random collection of pictures of my Buick
(c)2004 - Jeff Hermann
jeff AT twentysix.net